Alessandro Appignani

Composer and pianist Alessandro Appignani was born in 1976.
As a very young child he began to study piano, composition and cello, and often moved around Europe, coming into contact with the avant-garde music of the 20th century. This stimulating intellectual background was nourished by visiting the leading European cultural centres.

In 1995 he met Carlo Maria Giulini to talk about the music of the 19th century and in particular about Robert Schumann. His passion for the history of art also brings him into contact with artists and historians, and he has had an epistolary relationship with Federico Zeri.

Appignani's works develop a unique and personal poetry.
Mathematics, philosophy and mysticism are ingredients recurring in his music.
Since the nineties, Appignani began to imagine a music full and free; in the wake of Alfred Schnittke he conceives a polystylism that can hold all the things he truly feels. From this experience was born the album THE LAST BARD.

Appignani is interested in a wide variety of musical forms.